Women's Lab Founding 40


Imagine a space (and community) where...

Collaboration is in its very DNA.
Support is not only expected, it's mandatory. 
Everyone feels safe and welcome. 
Connections flow like wine in Napa Valley.

Well, imagine no more.

We've taken our first expansion since opening in 2013 and have turned it into a social experiment. Starting at the very beginning with the application and making our way through a personalized onboarding process that will pave the way for focused programming, storytelling of member successes, and access to a vibrant and robust alumni network, we are in a position to provide members in this new space with targeted connections and even more relevant resources and networks, ultimately accelerating their impact on the world. 


But we can't do any of this without a group of extraordinary gamechangers. Apply now to become one of 40 Founding Member Organizations in The Women's Lab @ Centre for Social Innovation, a collaborative and supportive workspace and community for social mission organizations benefitting young girls and women. 

Here's what we have available:

Hot Desks
HD 25 - $125 (25 Hours Per Month)
HD 60 - $200 (60 Hours Per Month)
HD 100 - $275 (100 Hours Per Month)
HD Unlimited - $400 (Unlimited Hours Per Month)

Dedicated Private Desks
$450 Per Month ($50 monthly discount if you rent multiple desks)

Dedicated Team Tables (up to 6 people)
$1050 Per Month (up to 4 people) ($100 per additional person)

Please review our Join Us page for more details on packages and pricing. 

Perks of being a Founding Member include:

  • $50 discount on setup fee
  • Lifetime discounts on meeting and event space rentals 
  • One-on-one support from CSI staff and extended networks
  • Acknowledgement and spotlight on social media and CSI website
  • Access to increased storage space
  • Opportunity to provide input on Women's Lab space design and planning
  • Select corporate benefits