The Women's Lab Founding 40


Kota Alliance 

Kota Alliance is an incubator for global and local civil society organizations that share the like-minded goal of gender equality and women's empowerment.
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Untabooed is breaking the taboo surrounding menstruation by providing menstrual health education and sustainable menstrual products to women in need and promoting conversation among people everywhere. 
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Stand for Education

Stand4Education is creating a worldwide structure wherein every child and woman living in poverty is able to access education and economic opportunities to build a peaceful, prosperous, and empowered life.
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NFCC International

NFCC International works to ensure affordable, available, accessible health care for women and girls in Nepal and globally. NFCC strives to put human rights and gender equality first!
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New Women New Yorkers

New Women New Yorkers (NWNY) is a nonprofit organization empowering young women immigrants in New York City.
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Iqra Fund

Iqra Fund is a nonprofit organization committed to serving girls in remote regions faced with economic, social, and political barriers to education.
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You Can Thrive

You Can Thrive is an innovative wellness model designed to help women diagnosed with breast cancer gain relief from symptoms, learn about prevention for a better outcome, and pass that knowledge on to their families and communities.
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Futures Today Consulting

Futures Today Consulting works with nonprofits, NGOs, and governmental organizations to increase their leadership and management competencies. Through group facilitation, one-on-one meetings, and peer learning, the firm helps individuals and organizations targeting women, learn from their challenges and increase their capacity. You can also find them here: Website Facebook


Fly Technista

FlyTechnista helps Women & Girls with existing and non-existing technical skills, from grades 1–12 and higher education through industry and entrepreneurial careers. We are committed to helping Women & Girls globally discover and connect to organizations, education & career resources, and career & entrepreneurship opportunities in technology.
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Lessons For My Daughters

Lessons For My Daughters empowers young women and girls everywhere through our empowerment workshops. We believe individuality is something to be embraced as well as celebrated. There is no one specific recipe for success, and we encourage our participants to seek the unique path that will lead them to true happiness.
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Virtueconomy is a for-profit social enterprise with a unique shared-value model that aims to end the Nonprofit Starvation Cycle-- conscious consumers purchase goods from prosocial businesses, which we convert into uplifting services for nonprofits in the areas they need it most. We focus on bringing together and uplifting women-empowering nonprofits and small businesses run by women, for women. You can also find them here: Website Twitter Facebook


Get Empowered

Get Empowered is a personalized beginner online coaching program for women interested in transforming their bodies, lives and confidence through weight training, nutrition and counseling.
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TRADE Handbag Collection brings freedom to female victims of human trafficking through the fashion industry by raising funds to help save them, providing jobs, and rehabilitating them back to life to become successful contributors of society.
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Project Liberation

Project Liberation provides a paradigm shifting, personal development platform for women across all stages of justice involvement, helping them find their way to sustainable freedom - and leaving no woman behind.
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Amped Up

Amped Up is a platform to connect various communities with differently-abled people and build community within other areas. We are an inclusive organization that looks to help differently-abled people, especially women, be creative and empowered. We strive to get able-bodied people to recognize that we are more than our different-abledness. 
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Good Counsel

Good Counsel provides both direct legal services and resources to female social entrepreneurs as they begin and grow their ventures.
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Not Discarded

Not Discarded deconstructs and up-cycles recycled material into a brand, teaching women from concept to scale what it takes to run a business and providing an alternative to the hopelessness that comes with looking for a job with no purpose.



Giving Ideas Life Consultancy

Giving Ideas Life Consultancy - Empowers brands, businesses and people to get behind women’s causes that need our attention as a society in a sustainable and profitable way.



Clockwork Law

Clockwork Law is a 21st century law firm working with startups and innovators targeting issues of girls and women.




BuddhaBooth provides tranquil quiet spaces for noisy places to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit.  Their goal is to engage and enrich the lives of others through various types of healing art and meditation, specifically for girls and women who are survivors of domestic violence and sexual crimes.
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cullen+them is intergenerational performing arts organization making socially conscious work and building empathetic community. Our mission is to foster active and compassionate exchange through dialogue, art-making and performance. 
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Global Women 4 Wellbeing 

Global Women 4 Wellbeing is a new, non-profit organization dedicated to support women's health and wellbeing around four pillars: Storytelling, Mentorship, Resource Sharing and Funding. We believe that by bringing women together, from different disciplines, we can better collaborate on creating better health and wellbeing, here in the U.S. and globally.  


InStep Consulting

InStep Consulting facilitates Start WELL to Live and Lead WELL programs that ensure healthy living and well-being for social enterprises and social impact organizations. The company helps clients to do well by their teams so they can do good in the world. A personal mission of founder, Coach Colette is to change the conversation around self-worth, self-esteem for women of color.
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B-wom is a mobile app for women to take control and improve their health and wellbeing. It offers evaluation, personalized core and pelvic floor exercises, guidance and motivation. We are breaking the taboos that surround female intimate health and raising awareness about the role it plays for a woman’s wellbeing and feel empowered to make informed decisions about their wellbeing.
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Di LORÉN is a skincare company that brings healthy & ethical beauty products made from exceptional rare wild ingredients from East Africa to the US market. Currently, Di LORÉN works with women’s groups in Northern Uganda to collect and process their raw materials. Through business growth, they aim to create income earning opportunities for more women while also supporting girls’ education in the community.  
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Givety, the social app to do social good, seeks to leverage the latest technology to create positive change in the world at the individual, school, and local levels. Givety helps students better understand the value of community service and teach them that when motivated by generosity of spirit, that no contribution is too small.
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Vibrant Mind and Body

Vibrant Mind and Body: Path to a Better Life brings a diverse approach to health, healing and well-being. Vibrant Mind and Body is composed of woman (and men) across Canada and the U.S. who are dedicated to sharing their wisdom and knowledge to help people live abundant, healthy and authentic lives. 
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Yaday Collective

Yaday Collective is a social business that aims to empower Syrian refugee artisans/women to (re)build their lives with their own talented hands.
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