The Space

A space that's functional, whimsical, inviting and energizing.

CSI’s space is like polished concrete and an old barn had a baby, and that baby grew up and moved to the big city and became friends with a bunch of artists and designers but also hung out with some business types so her style is chic yet functional with a dash of that small town whimsy. You with me?

We didn’t get here by writing articles for home and décor magazines, so we usually just say the space is beautiful and people who visit tend to agree.

The lounge is probably the space’s crown jewel and looks like it could belong to a modern-day Jules Verne. It’s elegant yet rustic, colorful yet industrial, and the shelves are adorned with artifacts and trinkets collected from all four corners of the world…or at least the Tri-state area.

We designed the space with our values in mind. Everything custom-built was fashioned by local craftspeople using reclaimed materials, from tables made with old freight elevator doors to the vintage wallpaper in our meeting rooms. The cabinets and shelves in our shared kitchen are from a run-down mill. Have a look at this post by Furnished Green for more on the design and some great photos. 

The meeting and event spaces can accommodate 2-250 people, and every room has a different vibe. The workspace is accessible only to members and features private offices, private desks and shared desks. We’ve brought the space to life with touches like art, unique light fixtures and repurposed treasures throughout, but it is, of course, the community that really gives the space its energy and appeal.