Partners & Supporters

RXR is CSI's real estate partner and the most essential factor in our move to New York City. RXR proves that developers can be community focused and mission-driven, and is working hand in hand with CSI to bring social innovation to Starrett-Lehigh, Chelsea and the entire city of New York.

The Centre for Social Innovation and Ashoka share a commitment to the success of the world's leading social entrepreneurs. We're working together to provide space for Ashoka's NYC staff and Fellows, and to share their important work with our community.

Echoing Green and the Centre for Social Innovation are partnering together to explore new ways of supporting Echoing Green Fellows and to advance the success of social entrepreneurs and the broader social innovation movement.

The Rockefeller Foundation is supporting the Centre for Social Innovation with a generous grant to help develop our UnSchool concept – a multi-party initiative to help New York City's nonprofits and social entrepreneurs find the educational resources they need to accelerate growth and maximize impact.

The Blackstone Charitable Foundation is committed to entrepreneurship and to stimulating new sectors of the economy. That's why we're a perfect fit for each other! The Centre for Social Innovation is a lucky recipient of a Blackstone Charitable Foundation grant intended to help deliver our Advisory Services ("Hook-ups") initiative and boost our technical capacity and evaluation chops.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation is providing a two-year grant to the Centre for Social Innovation to help CSI develop its new framework for supporting nonprofits and social entrepreneurs. Our model leverages existing assets in the ecosystem to provide individuals and organizations with tailored developmental supports.

The Booth Ferris Foundation has contributed a two-year, core operating grant to the Centre for Social Innovation. These resources have been instrumental in helping us to launch CSI NYC and to cover our operational basics as we get off the ground in our new home.

McGraw Hill Financial is helping to bring CSI's program vision to life by contributing much needed resources to a new initiative that connects CSI members to professional service providers.

Be Social Change is New York City's foremost Meetup community for social entrepreneurs. They've been great friends to CSI from the get-go and we're working together on a number of programs and events to help build the skills of NYC's social entrepreneurs and catalyze a broader movement for social innovation.

Parsons, Parsons DESIS Lab and the Centre for Social Innovation are partnering together to explore new ways of supporting recent graduates as they work to achieve social impact in their chosen fields.

The Centre for Social Innovation and GOOD are teaming up to provide CSI members with access space GOOD's amazing community and content. We're working together to empower New York City's change-makers! Winners of CSI's Agents of Change program will receive a subscription to GOOD Magazine as part of their prize package – and we think you should subscribe too.

Return on Change and CSI are proud to partner up in an effort to help impactful and problem solving startups in the CSI community raise capital. Return on Change is an online equity crowdfunding platform connecting startups and investors, and we're working together to enhance our member's exposure to potential investors.

The Centre for Social Innovation is a huge fan of Goodnik and its (creative!) commitment to NYC's social entrepreneurs. We've partnered to offer space discounts to graduating Goodniks and we're always on the lookout for new collaborations and connections.

The Centre for Social Innovation and Mission Hub are working together to connect New York City's social entrepreneurs to the spaces, programs and resources they need to grow their enterprises and create real impact.

Newman's Own and the Centre for Social Innovation have partnered over their commitment that people do make friends with salad. Salad Club — a salad potluck at CSI — is one of our cornerstone community building events and Newman's Own has generously sponsored the weekly event by providing enough salad dressing to dress a lettuce farm.

The Centre for Social Innovation is acting as a trustee during the pilot program of KivaZip, a new initiative of Kiva that helps social entrepreneurs access micro-loans from their supporters and the broader Kiva community. We'll be selecting three CSI members to participate in the pilot as a way of connecting our community to new financial resources.

RCN provides super fast internet to CSI and its members. But more than that, RCN has been working alongside CSI to bring the best in connectivity and service to a community of change-makers.

The awesome internet wizards at Zapier have provided an in-kind Basic account for us to innovate and automate our processes. This lets us serve our community of change-makers more quickly and in interesting and fun ways, while keeping us nimble in how we create and sustain our operations. 

Parsons Entrepreneurial Lab and the Centre for Social Innovation have partnered to support students as they work to achieve social impact in their chosen fields. In addition to shared office space, the program offers access to the Centre for Social Innovation’s facilities and rich community of social practice. In turn, participants are expected to become active members of the CSI community (through networking, workshops & other events); create a business plan and update their pitch deck to be delivered as progress reports throughout the incubator cycle; and present their work to CSI and Parsons upon the program’s conclusion. The program managers gather data at the start and end of the program to track the benefits provided to the participants and to identify opportunities for improvement to subsequent cycles.