Global Coworking Partners

Did you know that CSI members are able to work out of coworking spaces all around the world?!

Coworking is about much more than sharing space. It’s about meeting people, co-creating and elevating our work. Now whether vacationing, working or workationing, you can make use of these other great coworking spaces and meet their amazing members. CSI members can work out of any of our three CSI Toronto locations and our NYC location, as well as the many spaces listed below.

Simply fill out the form below to gain access to any one of our global coworking partners!


You can spend up to 5 days at a time

The Hub L.A.

Impact Hub Oakland

Impact Hub Seattle

OpenGovHub (Washington)


Work in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide at Hub Australia.

Hub Australia



You can spend 10 days/year at each of these coworking spaces

The Hive Vancouver

The Hub Ottawa


La Ruche (Paris)


You can spend up to 5 days in paradise

Hubud (Balie)