Events at CSI


Innovator Drinks


Please join us for our month member Innovator Drinks where we kick back and celebrate all of our hard work and everything social innovation!


When: July 11th, 2019, 5:30PM-7:00PM

Where: CSI, 601 W 26th Street Suite 325 NY NY 

Who: CSI Members & Alumni only


Experience CSI’s Zero Waste Wall 


Join as CSI’s Innovator In Residence, Amer Jandali walks you through how he is building out a Zero Waste program at the Centre For Social Innovation. He’ll give you some hot tips as to how to easily reduce your waste at home and in the office! Lunch is generously sponsored by Starrett Lehigh. 


When: July 17th, 2019, 12PM- 1PM

Where: CSI, 601 W 26th Street Suite 325 NY NY

Who: Open to the public 


Reclaiming Your Ruby Red Slippers


Searching how to find your voice? This FREE workshop is an opportunity to begin to reunite with yours. The Heroic Journey & The Labyrinth are both potential tools for self-discovery and transformation. Come – Walk the Labyrinth and take the first steps of many to reclaim your essence & power.


When: July 18th, 2019, 6:00PM- 8:00PM

Where: CSI’s Women’s Lab, 601 W 26th Street Suite 325 NY NY 

Who: Open to the public - RSVP HERE

SoFar Sounds x CSI x Knock Knock Give A Sock 


Join us for a wonderful evening of music and meeting your neighbors. In partnership with SoFar Sounds and Knock Knock Give A Sock, The Centre For Social Innovation will be hosting an intimate concert where both housed people and those experiencing homelessness will come together to perform, listen and build community. 

When: July 24th, 2019, 8:30PM- 10:30PM

Where: CSI’s, 601 W 26th Street Suite 325 NY NY 

Who: CSI Members, please email allegra@socialinnovation to RSVP

Women’s Lab Breakfast: Reproductive Rights Across Time


Every month The Centre For Social innovation hosts a women’s lab breakfast where we highlight women leaders in a field. In July, we will be highlighting work In the field of reproductive rights where facilitators will help us to deconstruct the dualism in pro-life/pro-choice through historical context. Additionally we will highlight current work being done to create full spectrum care models and increase self-determination around reproduction


When: July 24th, 2019, 8:30AM- 10:30AM

Where: CSI’s, 601 W 26th Street Suite 325 NY NY