Events at CSI

Innovator Drinks

Please join us for our month member Innovator Drinks where we kick back and celebrate all of our hard work and everything social innovation!

When: March18th, 2020, 5:00PM- 6:30PM
Where: CSI, 601 W 26th Street Suite 325, NY NY 
Who: CSI Members & Alumni Only 


A Collective Unburdening: Women's Salon

People of all genders, particularly women, speaking out with Metoo and TimesUp have created a huge cultural shift toward a less patriarchal society. This salon is an intentional space for women who have survived sexual harassment and assault and made the determination not to make their experience public or are still in process with that question. We will share space around ideas such as the powerful social impact of personal transformation, how to create inner peace when a source of your pain is a public figure/holds power in your community, feelings of guilt/obligation, and self-care practices. Rebecca Kelly Golfman will hold the space and offer soundscapes for healing and reflection.

When: March 19th, 2020 6:00PM-8:30PM
Where: CSI, 601 W 26th Street Suite 325 NY NY 
Who: Open to the public



Neighborhood Anchor: Starrett-Lehigh and the evolution of West Chelsea

Please join CSI in partnership with member organization DocoMomo for a historic tour of the Starrett Lehigh building!

Survey the decades long transformation of this early 20th Century industrial icon into its current role as an evolving center of post-industrial 21st Century innovation, while taking in the views of the surrounding West Chelsea neighborhood and considering its parallel development.

When: March 27th, 2020, 1:00PM- 2:30PM (CSI Members), 6:00PM- 7PM (Open to public)

Where: Meet at the 11th Avenue entrance of the Starrett Lehigh Building, 601 W 26th St, New York

Who: Open to the public