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Writing from The Body: Sensual Writing Workshop

In this generative writing workshop we will briefly discuss the connection between creativity, the body and trauma; use a simple breathing and visualizations, movement, and mindful self-touch to invite the whole body to the page; write in community about what our whole body is calling to be written in these times; and an opportunity to share work with others.

Writing is a sensual, full body experience yet, many a times we write from our heads unconsciously treating the page as a dumping ground and our words just "things" to get off our chest. What would it look like to instead see the page as a sacred container and our words as holy scriptures only we can access to share onto others? To present the invite to create to our whole selves? First, we must recognize the body as a living breathing part of our being to be compassionately witnessed, a sensational archive to be explored, and a treasure to be preserved, in this case through writing.  

Writing from The Body: Sensual Writing Workshop is the fifth workshop in a series of workshops curated by Rebecca KellyG and hosted by The Centre of Social Innovation entitled, Room To Breathe.

This series is designed to make intentional space centering Black people and giving space to gather, release, strategize, grieve and create with one another. Throughout June and early July, we will gather online around a different modalities ranging from poetry and movement to roundtable discussion and advocacy training.

Thursday July 9th, 2020