Events at CSI



Innovator Drinks


Please join us for our month member Innovator Drinks where we kick back and celebrate all of our hard work and everything social innovation!


When: June 5th, 2019, 5:30PM-7:00PM

Where: CSI, 601 W 26th Street Suite 325 NY NY

Who: CSI Members & Alumni only



Maximizing Limited Communication Resources


Hosted by the Kota Alliance: Getting the word out about your mission and organization is something every NGO grapples with. Everyone has advice about who you should be talking to, what platforms you should be using regularly, and what you should be doing to promote your issue and NGO. So often organizations end up doing a little of this and a little of that. How do you get the most our of your communications activities?

On June 10th, Arabella Meyer will walk you through how to build a communications strategy and plan that will produce results. Looking at media, social media, storytelling, and web activities, she will help you identify the questions you need to ask and answer.


When: June 10th 2019, 6PM-8PM

Where: CSI Women’s Lab, 601 W 26th Street Suite 325 NY NY

Who: Open to the public



Leading Through Change


The moments and things that matter to us are often different from the moments and things that matter to those around us. And while empathy is important, overconfidence in our empatheticness will make us blind to other people's experience.

The 4th Purpose & People Panel is tackling this topic! We’re going to share stories of change: identifying the moments that mattered, the things that mattered, and what could have been done differently (and by whom) to create more positive outcomes. Join us!


When: June 11th, 2019, 6:30PM- 9:30PM

Where: CSI’s Women’s Lab, 601 W 26th Street Suite 325 NY NY

Who: Open to the public




Women’s Lab Breakfast: LGBTQ Refugees & Asylum Seekers


Did you know in over 80 countries in the world is fundamentally unsafe to be LGBTQ?

In honor of World PRIDE, Immigration Heritage Month and World Refugee Day, we are thrilled to feature three integral voices in the landscape of LGTBQ refugees and asylum seekers. Together we will discuss the legal process and challenges associated with this experience. Join us to learn ways that we can support this community and their advocates!


When: June 13th, 2019, 8:30AM- 10:30AM

Where: CSI’s Women’s Lab, 601 W 26th Street Suite 325 NY NY

Who: Open to the public

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Experience CSI’s Waste Wall


Join as CSI’s Innovator In Residence, Amer Jandali walks you through how he is building out a Zero Waste program at the Centre For Social Innovation. He’ll give you some hot tips as to how to easily reduce your waste at home and in the office!


When: June 18th, 2019, 12PM- 2PM

Where: CSI, 601 W 26th Street Suite 325 NY NY

Who: Open to the public


Astor Party


This special edition of the Astor Party will celebrate African American Music Month at an incredible location: The Centre for Social Innovation. Taking place on June 27th, this event will be true to form: no rules, no boxes, no judgement. We'll be putting out music instruments to jam out, canvas to paint on, and will make some room to dance in, all with incredible artists to facilitate getting creative.

We'll have artwork led by the incomparable Lance Johnson, a visual artist whose work centers around jazz and improvisation, and musical accompaniment led by renowned drummer Justin Carter of Jazzebelle (and most recently the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble), along with other award-winning jazz and hip-hop musicians sitting on the bandstand to listen, dance, and sing with. This will be an Astor Party you won't forget!"