CSI Staff

Shireen Idroos, Executive Director

A longtime nonprofit manager and development professional, this Los Angeles native is a graduate of Vassar College. Shireen started out at the Muslim Public Affairs Council before working at the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and the Children's Health Fund. Most recently, she spent over five years as the Director of Individual Giving at Her Justice, a New York nonprofit that provides free family, divorce and immigration-law services to women across the five boroughs. [Contact Shireen]



Elizabeth Keane, Director of Business Affairs

Elizabeth is originally from northern New Jersey and attended Suffolk University in Boston for both undergraduate and graduate school, earning a master’s degree in Criminal Justice, but never making it in law enforcement! Her studies, instead, focused on understanding people and society, and how they work and intersect. Her ultimate goal is to use her understanding to help fix the many cracks and imperfections in many of our current systems. On a more personal note, some of her favorite things in life are dogs, a good book, and the perfect cup of tea; ideally these would all come together for a cozy afternoon at her local coffee shop (or CSI lounge area!). [Contact Elizabeth]


Dan Casey, Events & Operations Coordinator

Dan works to make CSI New York’s best place to bring people together and think differently. He shares CSI’s vibe with outside groups doing events in the space, and helps members pull off their own spectaculars. Before joining the CSI staff, Dan had been living, working, and doing research in Korea, Quebec, India, and Saudi Arabia, and paid the bills as a writer, documentation wrangler, and researcher of everything from software patents to environmental policy to the Arab Spring. These days he’s especially curious about the future of food, the secret life of infrastructure, the death of work, and augmented reality. He earned an undergraduate degree in sociology and a master’s in urban planning, both from McGill University. [Contact Dan]

 Theon Freeman, Facilities & Operations Coordinator

Holding community and thoughtful interactions at his core, Theon works to ensure that every person that walks through CSI's doors experiences the magic like he did upon his first visit! As the Facilities & Operations Coordinator he is tasked with facilities upkeep, tending to member requests and inquiries, as well as managing the DECA (Desk Exchange Community Animator) Program. Prior to CSI, he worked in Procurement & Customer Success in both Corporate and Startup environments. As a New York native he feels that CSI is changing the co-working ecosystem, for the better! [Contact Theon]