Agents of Change

The Agents of Change Fellowship (AOC) is a unique, year-long acceleration program at the Centre for Social Innovation NYC (CSI) that helps high-potential social entrepreneurs with strategic growth aimed at increasing their social impact.  

At CSI we are driven by the principle that by working collectively we can create truly innovative ways to make the world a better place.  Launched in 2013 and sponsored by JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Small Business Forward Initiative, the AOC program has supported dozens of talented changemakers and has welcomed them into CSI’s vibrant community of social impact leaders.  



Agents of Change 2018: Advancing Opportunities for Women & Girls

This year's Agents of Change Fellowship comprises a dynamic group of social entrepreneurs who are advancing opportunities for women and girls - breaking down barriers that prevent access to economic opportunity, leadership, career pathways, and more.


African Health Now

Nana Eyeson-Akiwowo 

African Health Now provides free primary and maternity health care to women and children living across sub-Saharan Africa, by transforming local spaces into needed mobile clinics.

InStep Consulting

Colette Ellis 

InStep Consulting facilitates Workplace Wellbeing programs to ensure healthy living and well-being for social impact organizations, helping clients do WELL by their teams so that their teams can do good in the world.

Girls on Fire Leaders

Eileen Flannigan

Girls on Fire Leaders provides transformative leadership training to vulnerable adolescent girls in Kenya and Tanzania, positioning them at the center of solutions for equality, education, human rights, health and well-being.

S.O.U.L Sisters Leadership Collectiive

Jamy Drapeza

S.O.U.L. Sisters mobilizes systems-involved girls and femmes of color to interrupt cycles of state violence, poverty, and oppression. Via collective leadership, restorative justice, creative expression, and radical abolitionist healing, S.O.U.L Sisters facilitates the reclamation of authenticity, joy, and freedom. 

Aware Girls

Saba Ismail

Aware Girls empowers young women in Pakistan, by strengthening their leadership capacity, and by advocating for equal access to health, education, governance, political participation, and other social services.

Futures Today Consulting

Lucia Alcantara

Futures Today Consulting teaches executives, managers, and leaders how to adapt to change - and grow from it - through staff development workshops, workplace learning programs, strategic planning, and executive coaching.

RPGA Studio

Yvonne Shortt

RPGA studio creates opportunities, access, and equity in local communities, by facilitating creative and collaborative solutions to community issues. Using design, art, technology, and education, the studio teaches trade skills and leaderership, growing networks of increased capacity and resiliency. 


Womxn Rank

Kari Hodges

Womxn Rank creates transparency around sexism & rape culture on college campuses, by providing safe, digital spaces wherein women can report or access real-time, crowd-sourced infomation. In being able to share ranks and reviews on everyting from dorm safety to college disciplinary follow-through, women are empowerd to protect eachother, and themselves.  

Project Liberation

Ivy Woolf Turk

Project Liberation works with women across all stages of criminal justice involvement, or with women who are imprisoned in their lives in any way, by assisting and supporting them to reach and maintain sustainable freedom.


PurePoint International

Jessica Robinson

PurePoint International provides companies with cybersecurity solutions that are based in core values of security, humanism, partnership and leadership. As a result of increased protection, clients ultimately experience an increased quality of life.