AOC Alumni

Class of 2016

Ajoy Management Enterprise

Through empathy, accountability, and individualized attention Ajoy enables small businesses to plan for growth by advising on matters such as tax compliance, credit readiness and cash flow management.

Craderueff & Associates

Crauderueff & Associates develops green systems for affordable housing and communities using a proprietary service, the GEM (Green Excellence Matrix). 

Noel's Kitchen

Noel's Kitchen is a full service Restaurant & Catering Company in Bed-Stuy that hires young adults and residents of the neighborhood.

Good Counsel

Managing contracts, taxes, labor laws, and compliance requirements is vital to the success of any organization, but many small non-profits struggle with affordable legal support. Good Counsel provides affordable legal services so that executives can focus on their strengths and do the important social changing work they've set out to do!

Green ABCs

Green ABCs is a sustainable school supplies company and certified BCorporation founded to inspire a green revolution in schools. Their mission is realized through sustainable products made from recycled materials, the most renewable resources and innovations in biodegradability. 

Torus Teens

Torus Teens grants millions of youth, aged 14-18, access to life-changing out-of-school programs. They give young people the power to explore interests and develop skills outside of formal schooling by connecting them to existing afterschool and summer programs.


UnTabooed is committed to breaking the taboo surrounding menstruation by providing menstrual health education and sustainable menstrual products to women in need, and promoting conversation among people everywhere.


Kurani partners with education providers to build physical spaces that inspire creativity, growth, and confidence among students and teachers. Their co-creation process helps schools, organizations, and communities figure out where to build, what to build, and how to build it for the greatest positive impact on learners. 

Institute for Public Architecture

The Institute for Public Architecture (IPA) seeks to give the public a voice in the shaping of the built environment. They bridge the gap between policy-makers and the design community, and create a path to a more equitable designed environment. 

Enza Academy

Enza Academy is a youth innovation and leadership incubator that fights for racial and economic justice by empowering low-opportunity, high-potential youth of color with the technical skills and social consciousness to build bold solutions to big challenges in their own communities using the force of their own imaginations.

Harlem Chi Community Acupuncture

Harlem Chi Community Acupuncture is a holistic health and wellness practice that offers affordable, individually-customized Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies, such as acupuncture and herbal plant based medicine, in a tranquil and healing space.


Bird + Stone is a socially conscious jewelry company born on the mission of eradicating extreme poverty through investing in women. Using jewelry as a vehicle for change, they employing low-income women New York City to craft their jewelry and use their profits to fund micro-loans and financial training for the disadvantaged widows in rural Kenya.

Project Liberation

Project Liberation provides a safe and supportive environment for demographically and culturally diverse women with criminal justice system involvement and delivers powerful life-enhancing tools across all three stages of reentry.

Future Meets Present

Future Meets Present designs low-to-zero waste systems for co-working spaces through waste auditing, proper waste stream sorting, and increased reusables. 



Class of 2015

Credit Do

Credit Do's aims to break the cycle of financial exclusion specific to youth’s patterns with credit cards, work opportunity and affordability of college.

Safe Passage Project Corporation

Safe Passage Project Corporation addresses the unmet legal needs of immigrant youth living in New York by ensuring they know about the legal options and services available to them.


TYTHEdesign's Community Capacity Lab

TYTHEdesign's Community Capacity Lab equips civil servants and nonprofit professionals with the capacity to integrate design thinking processes into the way their agencies design and deliver services.


New Women New Yorkers (NWNY)

NWNY is a cross-community nonprofit dedicated to empowering young women immigrants, particularly low-income women and single mothers, living in New York City.


Appigi, LLC

Appigi is a directory and data tool for social service professionals used to ensure their clients are safe, healthy, housed, educated, and employed.




PopUp Forest: Times Square

PopUp Forest: Times Square will put a slice of real nature in the heart of NYC.





BK Farmyards

BK Farmyards is a collective of urban farmers dedicated to the advancement of social justice through urban agricultural production and training.


White Roof Project

White Roof Project paints the roofs of low-income and non-profit buildings white to promote environmental education, advocacy and community building while reducing the summer temperatures on the inside.



Akimbo’s mission is to build an inclusive workforce by connecting underserved individuals to professional opportunities.



#YesWeCode, an initiative of Dream Corps Unlimited

#YesWeCode is a national initiative committed to training 100,000 low-opportunity youth to become high-level computer programmers.


The CHAMPION Network

CHAMPION Network is a 1-year membership-based employment program for young adults who are looking learn, grow and flourish in their careers.